Exhibitions and Interventions

The Invisible Borders project has been exhibited in some of the most high-profile venues in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America while proactively advocating for public space engagement that seeks to extend our sphere of operation beyond the esoteric confines of the art world.

We have been at the forefront of engaging public discourse on what it means to use the body as an object of useful agitation in the negotiation of border realities. These numerous exhibitions have also served as a platform for Trans-national, Trans-continental collaborations, with the latest of such being a Trans-Bangladeshi Road Trip project/Exhibition in collaboration with the Dhaka-based media agency, Drik Network, in February 2020.

Invisible Borders will continue the work of expanding on the possibilities of Trans-Africanism; to uphold the notion that Africa is a story of myriad journeys and the continent is the shore from which we permeated and continue to permeate the world. We aim to posit our activities at the crosspoint in the volatile negotiation between the past and present; allow ourselves to imagine a world that is polycentric yet in relation.