Invisible Borders Travel App

With ten years of travel experience and a network of collaborators all over the African continent, Invisible Borders is in a prime position to offer individuals assistance and support should they be willing to travel around the continent.

The Invisible Borders Travel App (name to be confirmed) is a community platform that connects potential travellers with guides in African towns and cities. The app will map and provide relevant information (locations, routes, contacts, alimentation points, safety tips, etc.) related to road travel across the African continent while nurturing a community-based forum for travellers. We will achieve this through the wealth of Human Resources, road-travel experiences and networks we have accrued – and still building on – over the years. The app will harness the power of new mobile technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personalise the user experience while ensuring security and privacy of the user’s data.

We are experienced with app development as can be evidenced in our 2014 and 2018 Trans-African Road Trip apps through which our followers kept abreast of our activities during the journey.